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Beebo, Elag, Ayzu, Calto, and Hicho all decided they wanted to go to the Beach. Every time they go to the beach they like to sit on a special spot on the sand. This has been their spot to sit every time they go to the beach. There is a big playground right in the middle of the beach and they put their blankets to the right of it every time.

This time when they went to the beach someone else was in their spot! Bebo suddenly became scared and didn’t know what to do. Elag was a little nervous because he didn’t like change. Ayzu became angry because he always gets angry. Calto started running towards the people in the spot and Hicho was right behind him.

Calto and Hicho got to their spot that was taken by another group. Ayzu was so angry that he told Calot and Hicho they should just find another spot. Beebo agreed because he didn’t want to talk to anyone he didn’t know.

They all looked around and couldn’t find any spots nearby. They all started getting sad and mad. None of the monsters wanted to walk any further. They also didn’t want to sit in another spot at the beach. They only ever sat at their spot before.

They started walking and complaining and complaining and walking. This continued and made everyone more sad and frustrated. This was until Elag had an idea. What if we made finding a new spot like an adventure! They can play games while they walk and everyone could be happy. All the monsters thought they would try it out because trying new things is something they all like to do.

Elag started by playing a game of I Spy. I spy something green. Beebo looked at the ground and saw $5! He grabbed it and they kept walking. Now they had their heads up and smiles on their faces. Calto, taking his time a little more, saw a new ice cream store. They’ve never seen this before because they’ve never gone this far. They went in and saw a sign saying $5 for 5 scoops of ice cream. This was perfect for them!

They each got an ice cream of their favorite flavor. As they were eating it and walking, they saw a new spot! They all ran to it. It was perfect. It was right next to the water. They finished their ice cream and all ran into the water. 

All the monsters have the best beach day they’ve ever had. All they had to do was make the best of it.

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